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Reinventing the
future Of living

We are building a place that has never been built before, in a time where the world desperately needs new solutions for a resilient future.

Orchid City is the world’s first self-sustaining city blueprint generator. Here, we reinvent how we coexist with nature and with each other.

Orchid City goes beyond just being a beautiful place to live. It is a home for those who want to live happy, healthy lives, in harmony with the environment and the community around them.

It is the first affordable, physically, socially, and environmentally sustainable city development approach in the world. For those wanting to help build a better future.


Rediscover your
happiness & wellbeing


Grow as a person,
from young to old


Self-sufficient through
ecosystem services


A vibrant and diverse
community revels in play


Create meaningful value
beyond finance

100% Energy self-sufficient

Climate Adaptive & Flood Proof

Generation Proof & Affordable living

All Daily Services & Activities

100% Healthy food produced

Regenerative Nature

Water & Waste management

Car free & Shared Vehicles

Orchid City's adaptable blueprint
Orchid City's blueprint adapts to local climate, culture, and context. Each design is tailored to local needs and societal challenges.

Three locations have been modeled so far, each showing the adaptability of context-sensitive planning and design.

The woods

Orchid City Netherlands

The Woods is situated in a former 'polder' area and consists of a rewilding strategy combined with regenerative production, agricultural innovation, greenhouses and generational inclusion. 

The Valley

Orchid City Brazil

The Valley is located in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas in Brazil. The Valley focuses on specific challenges of social inclusivity, innovative agriculture, water, and natural regeneration.

The delta

Orchid City Vietnam

The Delta is situated in the north of the Mekong delta area. This plan focuses on local food production, a climate adaptive & flood proof landscape, job creation and water purification.

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