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Building innovative ways OF LIVING together

for partners and investors

Orchid City is ambitious

The demand for sustainable living is growing rapidly worldwide.   Because of this market drive,   all too often development is claimed to be ‘sustainable’ when it is far from it.   Orchid City changes this.

Orchid City aims to lead sustainable development by setting a new global standard.  We are not satisfied with just adding solar panels, or with exclusive luxury developments families cannot afford. Orchid City is fully self-sufficient, regenerative, resilient, and inclusive.  It uses the best of ecosystems with bio-based materials, smart  new business models,  and innovative design. To build a new future of living, around the world.

Our plan is ambitious, but not more ambitious than building settlements on Mars, or making self-driving cars. We can do this, and we need to do it in a time when we need it the most: today.

 To achieve this, we build partnerships in a coalition of the willing, from investors to developers, suppliers, land owners and local stakeholders.   We actively encourage interested partners who share our ambitions and goals to contact us.


Investment in Orchid City currently takes form in one of three types:

  • Startup investment in the Orchid City Development Ltd.
  • Tech-investment in Orchid City’s  smart software solutions
  • Real-estate investment in specific development locations

Segmentation into diverse financial investment structures ensures that parties with different risk appetites and thematic interests can equally explore opportunities at Orchid City.

Interested in investing in Orchid City? Contact us.


Do you  have access to land, for example, as an owner, developer,  or municipality, and want to realize an Orchid City? We can help you realize one. We provide the following services:

  • Location analysis, and feasibility studies
  • Concept design, masterplanning, and architecture
  • Business model and partnership development
  • Development support for successful realization

We offer these services in cooperation with our experienced partners, globally. 

Interested in developing an Orchid City?   Contact us.

orchid city value model

value beyond finance

Orchid City’s value model generates   revenue to support a healthy profit margin,   as well as generating added value for  
beneficial stakeholders, including the   community, the region, and the country.

Partners & Suppliers